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Aespia School of Art

<< 14th - 18th August 2017  //  Aespia's Secret Woods >>

We are delighted to announce the inaugural Aespia School of Art Programme 2017. 


The programme will be led by our inspiring team of qualified artists, teachers and festival workers, and takes place in the magical secret woodland setting that has been Aespia’s home for the past 2 years. 


The programme offers a welcoming, open, communal living space for creatives and like-minded people to bond, collaborate, teach, learn, share and flourish. Aespia School of Art programme reflects the festival itself and offers an alternative way of experiencing art, community, and practice.


The Art School programme runs a daily series of artist talks, workshops, discussions, and tutorials created to support the development of each student. Students will have the opportunity to follow their specific interests and develop a working knowledge of how art practice and the festival site come together. Students will be invited to create individual or collaborative artworks in response to the Aespia site and programme, which will become a main feature of the live festival. 

Other group activities will be weaved in between the creative workshops such as yoga, meditation, group discussions, and games. These optional additions all compliment the creative learning experience and set the tone of the Aespia community. 

Aespia School of Art comes at a time where there is a systematic attack on arts education in the UK. We want to rethink customary educational frameworks, explore artists and participants moving between roles, and reposition the festival site as a valuable space for learning.


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If you are a practicing artist or tutor and would like to run a workshop at Aespia School of Art 2017, please click here >>

If you would like more information on this exciting venture, please get in touch by filling out the form below...

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