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~ Aespia Festival ~

Aespia is a 24 hour celebration of art and escapism.


You are taken away on blanked-out coaches and shuttle buses to a secret woodland location.

Aespia is about creativity and discovering a meaningful connection to the things and beings that surround you - it is a no phones festival, where you leave your reality behind and immerse yourself in an alternate world.


Before you enter the woods, you will pass through 'limbo', where you drop off your bags, change into your art overalls, and get ready to create a piece of live, accumulative art. 

The woods are transformed into an engaging outdoor gallery by our hugely talented team of artists, architects and musicians. Expect stunning sculptures, giant paintings, interactive installations, miniature exhibitions hidden within the trees, impromptu performances and much, much more. A giant three-dimensional canvas will be created for you to explore, adapt and enjoy. 


Aespia is special because we invite YOU to become the artists. We provide the materials, atmosphere and backdrop - you make your mark.

Aespia is split into 5 worlds; all of which have their own identity; all captivating and majestic in their own right. 


There is no main stage; no main feature; no main area - instead you’ll find yourself wandering in and out of forest communities that are envisioned, designed, built and run by collectives who live in the woods for a month, collaborating, dreaming and sharing. 


Within these worlds, you’ll be immersed in live art, music, performance and movement; invited to participate in eclectic creative activities run by brilliantly talented teachers; and spoiled by bespoke bars and food stalls that compliment the feel and atmosphere of the area. 

Each world is carefully designed to evoke different emotions and ease you into different states of mind; a sensory journey, catering to your every need.


Whether you’re in the mood for dancing to infectious music; frolicking between installations, discovering the secrets of the Aespia woods; or connecting with like-minded creatives inside cosy dens; you’ll discover a sense of belonging in one - if not all - of the worlds.


~ ~ ~


Aespia proudly ran as an independent festival in 2015, 2016 and 2017. While we, the organisers, have been taking some time out to rest, reflect, and consider Aespia's future, we've also been touring other festivals in the UK and Europe, as Aespia School of Art.


Given the effects COVID-19 has had on festivals like Aespia, we're holding our breath and crossing our fingers for the chance to celebrate with you all again very soon.

Both Aespia Festival and Aespia School of Art have, and still do, run purely on love and endless hard work. As a totally independent, brand-free, sponsor-free festival, it needs funding to survive and flourish. If you're interested in investing in Aespia in any form, we'd be delighted to hear from you.



20th - 21st August //

Secret woodland location near London

Aespia Festival 059.jpg


19th - 20th August //

Secret woodland location near London

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