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 ~ Aespia ~

Aespia is a lovingly curated art movement, that encourages creativity, connection, escapism, freedom, openness and play.

Aespia comes in many shapes and sizes: 24-hour festivals in secret locations, immersive areas and stages within other festivals, bespoke celebrations, workshops, live events, and interactive experiences.

Aespia is a totally independent, socially minded not-for-profit art party. We aim to use art, music and theatre to soothe, inspire and entertain people, in a safe, therapeutic environment.

Aespia is, above all, a celebration.

Aespia Festival Reviews

"Inevitably, the sun comes up and 6am rolls around. We return to the default world still smiling with a little groove in our step. It’s rare to attend an event offering such a diverse range of artistic aptitude...the Aespia family has managed to create an ecosystem, in the midst of an increasingly divided world, where human connections flourish."

~ Shift Magazine ~

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