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Is LOST lost ?

Some of you might be thinking; "is LOST lost?"

No - don't panic - LOST is absolutely not lost.


LOST Festival has, in fact, blossomed and evolved. The artists behind this extraordinary little art gem decided to treat the festival to a makeover (or technically speaking, a rebrand).


Envisioned, built and nurtured by a team of immensely passionate creatives, whose wish is to share a piece of the magic with everyone; after 2 Festivals, 2 Teaser Parties, 1 Bristol Takeover and 1 Bestival Extravaganza, LOST was ready to transcend into something truly special; something no art experience or festival has done before.


Allow us to reintroduce ourselves. We are Aespia [fka LOST Festival]: founded and directed by artist Jodie Powell; run by a small collective of emerging artists. We will be forever independent and intimate; forever focussing on making art more accessible, and more appealing, to a wider audience; forever redefining the gallery experience; and forever offering a 24hr escape from reality in a secret woodland. We hope our 'makeover' will help us continue to stand out from the festival crowd, and that our fresh name reflects our unique experience.

If you're wondering how Aespia has developed and how it stands out from other festivals, celebrations and experiences, check out our notions below:

  • Aespia is split into 5 worldsall of which have their own identity; all captivating and majestic in their own right. There is no main stage; no main feature; no main area - instead you’ll find yourself wandering in and out of forest communities that are envisioned, designed, built and run by collectives who live in the woods for the month of August, collaborating, dreaming and sharing. 

  • Aespia is also a School of Art, educating the curious, brave and hungry aspiring creatives of this planet. Aespia School of Art (ÆSA) is held in the Aespian woods during the build up to the festival over 5 days: Monday 14th - Friday 18th August 2017. 

  • Aespia is more than a festival; more than a party. Despite it encapsulating both, it offers something bigger and more soul-awakening. Aespia is an attitude and a choice; it is a celebration of art in all its glory and escapism in all its translations. The ways in which participants and students experience Aespia can vary - the one constant is what they take away with them; a sense of belonging and of euphoric, creative inspiration. 

  • Because Aespia is a no-phones experience, it encourages people to actually connect with each other and engage with the artworks on a deeper level. The crowd is so intimate and warm, you'll never feel alone; only ever slightly astray, if you happen choose to wander into the leafy peripheries..

  • Like LOST, Aespia is a totally unbranded, unsponsored, independent festival run by emerging artists. The festival is funded purely by ticket sales and an enormous amount of love from our dedicated, generous creative Aespian family. You won't find any (insert generic enormous booze brand) tents or promotions here; only stalls run by independent, creative individuals or collectives. If you would like to support an emerging, independent festival then join the movement. When you buy a ticket to Aespia, you are not only choosing to spend a fantastic, immersive 24hrs in a secret woodland world; you are directly supporting a unique concept and a multitude of small, local businesses.

If you have any questions about the rebranding of LOST Festival to Aespia Festival then please do not hesitate to get in contact - we certainly don't want to confuse anyone!

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of our brilliant and supportive participants who have followed us from our very first LOST TEASER events in Hoxton Basement in 2014. We hope you like our new name, our polished concept, and our fresh additions to the brand! We would love for you to join us in the woods again... 

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