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∆   T R A V E L

The location of Aespia's secret woods remains a mystery; to get there you have two choices: Coaches leave from Central London // Shuttle Buses leave from a park 15 minutes away from the woods. For more information on travel click HERE >>

∆   N O   P H O N E S

Aespia is an escape from reality. From the moment you begin your journey to the woods, you will be encouraged to delve into the experience head first. To capture the essence of Aespia, you will be asked to leave your mobile phones at home, to avoid distraction and contact from the outside world. Photography is encouraged - if you normally use your mobile phone to take photographs, please bring along a camera. Alternatively you can buy a disposable camera in the woods. Phones will be available at various information points and you will be asked to provide us with important contact details when you sign your forms - just in case of an emergency. If you have any queries please contact us HERE >>

∆   W H A T   T O   W E A R

Art overalls will be handed out in 'limbo' to protect clothing and skin; to allow participants to get messy with the materials we provide; and to create an inclusive 'art uniform'. Participants will pay a cash deposit of £10, which will be fully refunded in cash before they leave the woods the next morning. If you have any queries please contact us HERE >>

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